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Goose Pond Clean-up

by Ken Trosper

Stephen Trosper with a bag of trash

On Thursday June 23 the Wind River Alliance and the Eagle’s Wings Program, a family and childhood services organization of the Arapaho Tribe, sponsored a community clean-up of the Goose Pond area. Goose Pond was restored in recent years. In 1999, through the efforts of the U.S. Fish &Wildlife Service, NRCS and the Partners for Wildlife, the pond was enlarged to a sufficient size to maintain a fishery. A second, smaller pond for waterfowl was also built. The system was finally filled with water in 2003. The entire area was classified as a Tribal Wetland and Wildlife Area by the Joint Tribes, and given a tribal water right by the Tribal Water Board. The pond has an enormous variety of wildlife and water fowl and is attracting many new species each year. But unfortunately, with the increased size and great fishing, it has become a popular area, and with that came the litterbugs. Almost overnight what was a clean Tribal Wetland and Wildlife area became a dump.

Goose Pond Clean Up crew June 23, 2005

There is concern that the refuse could harm the wildlife, on top of being a shameful disgrace of our lands. The event was coordinated by Virgil Amos of Eagles Wings and Ken Trosper of Wind River Alliance as a community cleanup. A cookout was held for the participants and some kids took time to fish. The hard work put in by these concerned people resulted in the removal of 20 bags of aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, plastic containers and other litter.