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National Environmental Policy Act Training

Sunset at Goose Pond

On May 13th 2004 the Wind River Alliance organized and sponsored an introduction to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This was the first presentation of a new tribal-specific NEPA training developed by the Tribal Lands Program of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

The curriculum for the course was developed by NWF in response to a survey of residents of several Reservations in the West (including Wind River). Amy Amoroso from NWFs Boulder, CO office led the four hour training session, which was attended by both Tribal staff, BIA personnel, and concerned Tribal members.

The class was introduced to the National Environmental Policy Act, known as NEPA, which was passed by congress in 1969. In addition to general declarations to protect the environment, NEPA requires federal agencies to evaluate and release to the public the costs of a project to the human environment before making a final decision on major projects. Follow up classes will be scheduled to further the training. Wind River Alliance is proud to partner with groups like NWF to increase the level of citizen awareness and involvement in natural resource decisions.