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Environmental Justice Research Project: Drinking Water

Clean water is healthy water

Recognizing that human health and the health of our watershed are inextricably linked, Wind River Alliance will be undertaking a new environmental justice research project this fall. The broad, long-term goal of the project is to improve the health of Reservation residents by reducing human exposure to multiple environmental contaminants within our waters.

The project will work toward this ambitious goal by improving public understanding of contaminant threats and opportunities for remedy, so that citizens and public officials can have better ability to improve public health and the health of Reservation waters.

The research project will involve extensive interviews with the various agencies, data gathering, and surveys. Information will be compiled into one comprehensive report, giving a look at the broad, cumulative impact of multiple environmental contaminants on human health.

Final products of the research project will include a written report, as well as numerous public presentations of research findings.