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Stream Cleanup: National River Cleanup Week, May 16-22

Wyoming Indian Elementary School students picking up trash along the North Fork Little Wind River

The week of May 16 through 22 was National River Cleanup Week. To celebrate, Wind River Alliance organized a stream cleanup event for fifth graders from Wyoming Indian Elementary School. Students cleaned a section of the North Fork of the Little Wind River near its confluence with the South Fork by Fort Washakie. Students learned about their watershed and left the site a much cleaner place, collecting over a dozen bags of trash!

Stream Cleanup: International Climber’s Festival

Stream cleanup participants pose with their trash

During the 11th Annual International Climber’s Festival in Lander, WY, Wind River Alliance partnered with the Popo Agie Anglers (the local Trout Unlimited chapter) to organize a stream cleanup on the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. The event was held on July 8, and involved over 40 volunteers who gathered trash in and along the Popo Agie River. Stream cleanup participants were split into teams and sent to various sites below Lander, in town, and upstream in Sinks Canyon. Teams competed in a friendly competition to see who could gather the most trash, and who could find the strangest article in the river.

The winner of the “Most Bizarre River Trash” award displays his winning entry

Participants had a great time and gathered almost two pickup loads of trash out of the river. All participants got an Access Fund water bottle, a Popo Agie Anglers keychain, and a tasty sack lunch donated by Mr. D’s. Two separate teams tied for most trash collected and were awarded miniature Brunton compasses. A Black Diamond headlamp was awarded to one lucky participant, who pulled a barbecue grill out of the river to win the “Most Bizarre River Trash” award.