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Many thousands of fish are lost each year in irrigation canals

Fish Loss in Irrigation Canals
Most people who have spent any time around irrigated agriculture understand that fish are killed each year when they are diverted into irrigation canals and then stranded when ditches are shut off in the fall. Although this issue has been studied extensively in the Pacific Northwest (home to endangered salmon and steelhead), very little research has dedicated to resident, inland fish loss. The Wind River watershed was fortunate to be the site of a recent study which helps fill in this gap ...more>

Camp participant Steve White gets a ride on the buffalo robe during an initiative game

Summer Resources Camp
The “Honoring our Resources” summer camp, held from the 14th to the 18th of June, 2004, was a huge success. Twenty five high school-aged students spent the week camped out on the South Fork of the Little Wind River above Washakie Reservoir. Over the course of the week, participants learned about local natural resource issues, culture, and tradition, with an emphasis on the role of water. In addition, campers fished, hiked, swam, told stories, and played traditional games (as well as inventing new games of their own), and gained a greater understanding of and appreciation for the amazing landscape in their backyard. Sonny Shoyo and his drum group also came up and played for two evenings during the camp ...more>