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About Us

Wind River Alliance is a cross-cultural, community-based organization dedicated to the health and protection of the Wind River watershed. Wind River Alliance was formed in the Fall of 2001 by concerned community members in order to address the threats and challenges facing the Wind River watershed.

A watershed is an area of land that drains to a common point. The Wind River watershed is 4.9 million acres in size and includes all the land that drains into Wind River Canyon. The Wind River watershed stretches from the Owl Creek and Absaroka Mountains in the north, to the Wind River Range and Beaver Divide in the south. Watersheds are determined by topographyŚnot by political divides. For this reason, Wind River Alliance is committed to reaching across political and cultural boundaries to include anyone interested in a healthy watershed.

Healthy rivers and a healthy watershed are the foundation of healthy communities. We ask a lot from our rivers; they provide us with drinking water, food, irrigation and recreational opportunities, and are important to us spiritually and aesthetically. By working to protect and restore our rivers, we improve our own health and the health of generations to come.

Wind River Alliance is a nonprofit organization funded by grants and by donations from individual members. As a nonprofit, Wind River Alliance can play a unique and valuable role in protecting the watershed. Unencumbered by government bureaucracy, re-election worries, and other political constraints, the Alliance can provide a consistent, longterm voice for the watershed.

The mission of Wind River Alliance is to promote a healthy Wind River watershed, and by that, assist in restoring justice and health to our communities.

Goals and Objectives